Jill (jillyanjiggs) wrote,

Robert Latimer

This is only my opinion, and only that.
The supreme court of Canada's decision is wrong. It may have to uphold the Constitution.
However, i do somewhat i disagree.
I dont necessarily agree with what he did, but i understand why he did it.
Now, the Netherlands have legalized euthanasia, but you must be over the age of 18.
Now, first I realize that murder, is a life sentence. Nor did his daughter say that she wanted to die.
However, if someone can't speak, how does that person tell another they wish to die. What if the individual doesn't understand what death is or can not concieve the idea.
Now, I am somewhat disabeled, and this is merely how i feel. I do not believe people with disabilites are equal. Our society does not allow for such things. I do not think life is precious if your in pain. They shoot horses when they are in pain.
The right to life, is a right to those who should be considered equal. The problem, is its very diffeicult to be equal in this world.
(oddly enough, i eat more intelligent/competent animals, then some humans are )
I dont think certain ppl who cant eat or talk, or have a SEVERE problem with comprehension, they may be human in biology, but I think they are not a true, "precious" human being.
The only thing that sepreates us is our ability for rational thought without it we are simpy a Ape, or an animal, which is legal to kill.
Then again , I agree with the world created in Gatica, in order for true fairness in this world, is not to allow ppl who are wearer to be accepted. That is why i support abortions for partents who do not want children, and I support infantcide, if the child is severly disabled. I do agree with mercy killing, However, i do think it is important for an adult to consent to being killed.
Now, that is just me. That is not to say, that if my child gets my genes, i'm going to give them up for adoption *though that could be considered, except my partner would never agree with such actions.
Personally if I HAD the choice before i was born, to be born, or to be killed, and have another chance, and only one other chance to have life, i would choose the other one.
It sounds odd, but i would not have known life anyway.
However, i think David Latimer should have tried other avenues, like foster care, or adoption.
If all other avenues were exausted, i can understand his actions but do not agree with lieing to the police.
anyway, this is just my opinion.
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