Jill (jillyanjiggs) wrote,

the problem?

ok, i'm not quite sure what is wrong with being for labour standards and the environment,
why must "capitalism" follow suit with un-social
I mean yes, i'm nor socialist nor capitalist
I'm sick of taking a socialist view on my essays and then assume that i'm disreagrding the business community, pulllllease
Business and environment may not appear to go hand in hand, but business wouldn't exsist withoug the other,
i'm just tired of econmist stayint stupid thing
such as:
"we dont need to worry about global warming as it mainly only effects agriculture which is only 3% of the gross domestic product"
only 3% huh.....
lets think.....without agriculture, no plants, no plants no cows, lamb, and mammals, so without the "agriculture industry" your economy would perish.
What are they teaching them?
The environment can make u profits....really it can, preservation, can generally lead to increased value......which is good
Economists however is not synonmous with intelligent
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