Jill (jillyanjiggs) wrote,

to be a man or not to be a man

I ponder why is it men's clothing is so comfortable?
Why is it womyn's clothes are meant to reveal?
Why is men's clothing material softer?
I think if I had the choice of being male or female, I think I would be female. The prejudices and stuggle to be a womyn in today's society is greater than that of men. Womyn must endure pms, menstration, child birth, lower wages and balancing family and work. Womyn tend to have to work twice as hard, at least in management positions, to get the same respect.
It also bothers me that womyn who wear form fitting clothing and makeup get more attention. Of course guys who wear more formal clothing get more attention by females but with womyn it's MORE about the physical beauty, and especially with makeup; an artificial image, a mask of sorts of who people are.
I do realize however we are human beings and beauty and asthetics is highly important to us as a species, but as concious beings, we should be able to see beauty in more ways than physical beauty, in the sense of sexual beauty, as there is more to us as people.

The only thing I like better about being female is the variety in accessories and clothing.
However, that is fairly minor to the rest of the reasons, at least for me, to prefer being male to female.
Perhaps in the next life.
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