Jill (jillyanjiggs) wrote,

I remember

I remember

when his smooth hands
would caress my skin
and now
are used for defending himself
when his cute lips
would give kisses softer than butter
and now
speak bitter words or nothing at all
when his soft tongue
would speak words of sweet nothings
and now
speak sharp words that cut
when his beautiful bluey green eyes
peered at me and silently said i love u
and now
avoid me as though I dont exsist
when his slender arms
gave hugs of such strength that they could turn
coal to diamonds
and now
are fragile and small as though done by obligation
when his adorable smile
made me feel like i was *mewting*(melting)
and now
has gone on strike

and most inportantly

when his sweet heart
showed me he cared and loved
and now
has lost its
its nuturing and
its interest

I wish the sweet sugar coated days could
I wish the for the
soft touches
long cuddeling
whispered words
brightly coloured dreams
and most of all
the fun
we once had
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