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Raspberry Flavoured Peaches

Well, the US is a nice county. AFter realizing that most of their good with the exchange rate are the same, ther is no real longing,perhaps one feels to go shopping in the US. However, there is much more of a variety.
I find it interesting what products are released in the US and not in Canada. For example, I found a bottle of Cherry 7up. It was interesting, but not very good. The other interesting thing about the bottle was that it had a warning that the bottle was under high pressure and to be careful when opening. The cap, or the drink itself could damage one's eyes, or cause harm because of its possible explotion or the cap flying and hitting someone. No where in Canada would u find such a warning. I supose someone must have sued them about it. How american.

Going to the grocery store, was interesting and fairly similar to ours. However, one thing struck me as odd.


Perhaps this is very disturbing. It is to me, why would you even bother creating a product that is intended to taste of it natural, or similar taste, and not a different flavour. Its kinda like orange flavoured corn or pinapple flavored kiwi's. I thought that perhaps they were gentically engineered, but really its quite brilliant marketing. People will think your crazy and be interested. One was bought for me and I havn't yet tried it, or had the nerve to.
I always knew the US was weird, and had interesting products, but i think i'll remember those raspberry flavoured peaches for much too long.
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