Jill (jillyanjiggs) wrote,

parent synonomous with needy?

AS I'm looking up information on affirmative rights. Iread an article and interview with shall i say the f word "feminist" Elinor Buckette,
The word feminist has negative conontations surrounding it, as therefore, i dont generally like to use it.

Anyway, the point of the interview was that she disagreed with giving tax cuts to parents in the workplace. As it is not equal pay for work. Parents get more benefits and more money.
That is not to say that parents dont have an important role in society, as they do, however, i am inclined to agree.

By giving such tax benefits, it makes the word parent and needy synonomous, as she puts it.
One example she used was that is it fair that a family who's income is 200,000 $ , and a stay at has a stay at home parents, should they still get the "stay at home tax" benefit.

The way I see it, is the message is more important then the medium. The sad thing is I know people will read such things and think, just another feminist. Especially working mothers, who will probably see it as an attack that they choose to have children, and that the feminists see this as wrong because they are "fertility" machines that ends up putting womyn back into their traditional roles.

Such ignorance is sad. Perhaps it is because they challenge the way society sees an issue. Perhaps that would violate encouraging the american dream, of 2.2 children and 2 cars, and so on.

What i didn't realize that there are 14 million childless adults out there (i dont know if she was refereing to womyn or including men, but i'm pretty sure it was 14 million womyn)
and more interestinglyif they were to have 2.2 children, we'd end up with the population of canada plus a million or two.

People should get benefits in services , but not tax breaks, even in tax brackets, u end up with loop holes and end up with a huge headache.
Perhaps the best solution is have more womyn senators and such.

NOTE: tax breaks for parents are also in Canada. AS well, as just as a side note, if parents are on welfare and have a second child their income goes up signifagantly, as where the tax breaks for one more child, with working parents , is less. (of course, even so, they (people on welfare) probably have nearly the same amount of "income" with the money from 2 children as
the working parents who have 1 child, including benefits )
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