Jill (jillyanjiggs) wrote,

The county divided

Its odd to look at a map of our county. The west is green or alliance. With a couple NDP and PC seats scattered. Ontario is red, Quebec is red and blue (la bloque) and atlantic canada is red as well, with a couple more NDP and PC seats.
The concept of our county seperating might actually be a good idea. I love canada dearly. Its a great county. However, the westerners are referred to as "different" by our PM and think Ottawa makes no decisions in the needs of the west. Thats difficult because of the diverse needs of the county. However, we could work together, but thats a difficult idea. The beauty or the appeal of the alliance to the west, is the decentralization of the government. Decisons based on the needs of the province. However, if a province is so misfortuned to get someone like Mike Harris, the decisions are more strongly held in his hands and result in a province in which disaproval would be high. As that Mike only got i out of every 4 votes.
I'm not going to even touch the belief idea behin politics, as i think its up to the voter, as decisons are based upon morals, as well as represention of the people. I c nothing wrong with people voting for a leader due to his beliefs.
I supose if we had 100% of the ppl vote, it sould not be mainly liberal, but a truly cenral party that could balance social programs and expenses.
However, that is a tremendous feat, and I think that the liberals are as close to that model as possible, but I vote for what I want, or what the principles behind a party is, the hope of achieving thier goals whether they be realistic or not.
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