Jill (jillyanjiggs) wrote,

Demand, and u really should supply it

Its odd, in a commercial, consumer driven world, where demand, and sadly supply rule the world. Where in the world of communism, equality and equity of production of goods is created, we live in a world where big business rules our lives, not the government nor the consumers.

Purchasing power is highly overaded. The consumer only buys what is supplied, what is supplied one might argue, is what ppl really want. I disagree, but will not rant on about how we only demand what is demanded of us to demand.
What spawned this rant u may ask.
Now as much as large companies may understand that the xmas season is busy, they lack the knowledge of supplying MORE goods, so that products do not run out.
Is purchasing power so that we all have 2 heard 2 stores in large lines and crowds? I dont think so. Its hype, your life is hype. but i regress.
As i was saying, i went 2 go look 4 boots, womyn's size 8 boots. Not fancy, more practical boots. All the store i went to they were sold out,( i wish i had larger feet)
Continue on to Starbucks, where there is no Chai tea, and hasn't been for over 2 weeks. Their christmas blend coffee, one must buy in the beggining of december *note remember this for next year.
Next i went to Micheals. They had quite a fair bit of products. As i wasn't looking 4 anything particular however. the sad thing was i had to wait 15 minutes in line, because there was only one cashier. It is the holiday season. ONe would think there would be more than one cashier.
On a side note: i can not believe how much chocolate oranges cost, it is a true waste of one's money.

It is official, i hate capitalism, and communism. I think i'll stick to socio-anarchy......
thats a VERY long rant, that i do not want to get into today.
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