Jill (jillyanjiggs) wrote,

Live and Learn

The thing that bothers me the most about society is our value system. We look at people who do not contribute economically to our society as lazy, and unmotivated. The perception is that everyone must be an active member of society, in the sense that they must be in a financial situation whereas they can support themselves.
Now I understand the viewpoint that why should other memebers of society pay money to help support people who apparently do nothing all day. Unfortuantely, we cannot choose how the money that we as taxpayers pay, is distributed.
What further bothers me is that people will complain about paying maybe 1 to 2 dollars a household, depending upon the province for people on social assistance, whereas each household spends almost the same amount or more for senators, who sadly I might say, don't do the equivalent amount of work for the money they are paid. Of course there are other lavish things the government spends its money on. We could look at how its distributed to large bureaucratic government departments.
Then people have the audacity to complain about people who get such a pitful amount of money to live on. No person WANTS to be on social assistance, most human beings in general want a job and want enough money to be an active member.
So hence, these members who may not take as much intiative as others and are frowned upon for this reason.
Also people can assume that most people on social assistance are one type,lazy and unmotivated whereas the people should look at others on a case by case basis.
This is just what I see and I think, but everyone is entitled to their opinions.
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