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Mike Harris

From the Globe and Mail....

Will the real Harris please stand up

Premier says he is a simple man who believes
in the values of hard work, self-sufficiency
Queen's Park Bureau
Saturday, June 5, 1999

North Bay, Ont. -- Over the past four years, it sometimes seemed that Mike Harris had the proverbial devil sitting on one shoulder and an angel sitting on the other. The question now is which will dominate.

Will it be the Mike Harris who talked of taking money away from pregnant women on welfare because they might spend it on beer?

Or will it be the Mike Harris who was so affected by a 15-year-old boy's story of his fight against hepatitis C that he reversed government policy and found $200-million for victims of tainted blood?

Mr. Harris himself says he is a simple man who retains the values he learned from his father growing up in North Bay, a community that still emphasizes the small-town values of hard work and self-sufficiency.
hmm, self sufficiency .., some people in our society need help, does encouraging people who make large amounts of money, to give them more back through taxes so that poorer people ( or according to him, lazy people) can suffer more..
And that the arts dont encourage self-suffiecency, please, the people who take the arts the people who really question what needs to be questioned ...

"I don't believe I have personally changed" over the past four years, despite the conflict and controversy that his government has engendered, Mr. Harris said earlier this week.

"I believe I am the same individual. I'm Mike from North Bay who believes in all his heart that this is the greatest province in the world, but that it needed a change of direction.

"I believe we have it on that right track now and I want to keep it on that right track."

Great so maybe by the time my kids reach school, it will be privatized and only math, science, business and basic English classes will be provided. On top of which my kids will be put with 30 other kids and a teacher THAT HAS NO BACKGROUND IN TEACHING.....

For Mr. Harris the right track for a government is to be fiscally responsible and to provide a few basic services, but for the most part keep out of people's faces.

It means a government that protects people who abide by the traditional rules of society from those who threaten them.

And it means a government that doesn't believe in giving handouts, but believes in providing people with the means to assist themselves.
Health Care, Education isn't giving out handouts. I am assuming he is talking about people on social assistance. Is cutting funding for womyn's shelters, crutial fairy boats,(thats for chirstyn)
and people who have problems providing for themselves. People who are disabled, or ill for an example.

This pattern likely will see Mr. Harris cast in a new light during the coming four years.

With the deficit eliminated, government spending squeezed and tax cuts a regular feature of budgets, Mr. Harris has achieved some of the goals he set out to achieve when he became leader of the Progressive Conservative Party nine years ago.

The second term gives him an opportunity to begin the positive things he believes a government can accomplish.

The postsecondary education system will be restructured to ensure that graduates are all but certain of stepping directly into jobs, and that businesses have little trouble recruiting people with the skills they need.

I'll bet you thats not included for people who get a BA or MA in an Arts degree.

Mr. Harris had drifted through various interests as a young man, but found his mtier in politics when former premier William Davis asked him to run as a long shot against an entrenched Liberal MPP.

After scooping the riding from the Liberals, he was re-elected in 1985, and served a short stint in cabinet under Frank Miller before the Tories were ousted by the alliance between the Liberals and New Democrats.

After the Conservatives were trounced in the 1987 election, the party was dispirited, disorganized and seemed at least a generation away from recapturing office.

There was a fight for the leadership in the winter and spring of 1990, when Mr. Harris was opposed by Dianne Cunningham, the personable MPP from London.

At times the party's demise was forecast even by its own polling experts. But Mr. Harris refused to give up, and managed a respectable and surprising showing with 20 seats.

It was a baptism of fire for the team that still surrounds Mr. Harris -- including David Lindsay, Deb Hutton, Leslie Noble and Tom Long.




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